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How often should I drink water if I’m diabetic?

Water dilutes and cleanses toxic substance, so do with the excess glucose. We suggest drinking up to eight glasses of water a day, unless there is a clinical reason not to. Water will help the kidney to dilute and excrete the excessively circulating glucose. Always remember: Water cannot replace some medications in diabetes.

What signs should I look for if I think I have a zinc deficiency?

When your diet is low in zinc, it causes a deficiency. Poor absorption and increased utilisation of zinc in your body can also result in zinc deficiency. The zinc deficiency can give rise to multiple symptoms at various systems in the body; this makes it difficult to understand in the day to day lives. 

Skin, nails and hair are the common things noticed. These are acne, eczema and poor hair quality. In the digestive system, you may experience mouth ulcers, thick coating of the tongue and, in certain situations, diarrhoea. In severe forms of deficiency, sensory organs are also affected, such as poor night vision, altered sense of smell. The contribution of zinc to the immune system is unparalleled, and zinc deficiency is a common problem in prolonged inflammatory conditions. Its role in growth and psychological well-being is also important.

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