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We are constantly bombarded with misleading ads and information regarding our health to try and sell us quick fixes, fad diets, etc. This information has led to the stereotype that healthy eating is boring and bland. However, FITT Meals wants to help people understand that healthy eating can be flavoursome, enjoyable and sustainable.

About FITT Meals

FITT Meals is an Irish-owned healthy meal plan company based in Dubai, delivering meals contactlessly across the UAE, three times a week. Our CEO, Eoin Cantwell, got inspired to develop FITT Meals after he noticed a gap in the market to provide normal, healthy meals with trustworthy nutritional information.

Ciara Nolan, Nutritionist, FITT Meals

Ciara Nolan, is always at hand to provide evidence-based scientific knowledge without using scare tactics.

Our goal is to create no-nonsense meal plans to help people reach their nutritional goals, while also covering the convenience aspect — a must for individuals living a hectic, busy lifestyle.

Our meal plans

Our meal plans cater to your goals whether that’s helping you on your fitness journey, having daily nutritious meals at the ready or becoming a healthier you. We offer three different packages to ensure we have an option for everyone — Low Cal, Lean and Muscle Gain. Our new venture, FITT Kids, will be launching soon and aims to help with the proper growth and development of children, while also teaching them to have a healthy relationship with food.

FITT Meals nutrition

At FITT Meals, our nutritionist, Ciara Nolan, is always at hand to provide evidence-based scientific knowledge without using scare tactics. Her advice is logical, sustainable and not based around short quick fixes. Here are some challenges from Ciara that you can try to improve your health:

* Try a new food once a month.

* Increase your fruit and vegetable intake by one portion a day.

* Increase your current water consumption by 250ml a day until you reach your recommended intake.

Ciara spends her days analysing the dishes ensuring that the nutrient information is accurate and makes any necessary improvements. Alongside the Head Chef, they ensure that the meals are both delicious and nutritious.

Ciara visits schools around Dubai and speaks to students, parents and teachers about healthy eating and answers a wide variety of questions during these sessions. You can contact Ciara at and @ciaranolannutrition on Instagram.

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