Track your fitness progress, save gym workouts to use at home and monitor your fitness goals online from your phone Image Credit: Supplied


A connected wellness experience that helps you achieve your sporting, fitness and health goals in a fast, easy and fun way

Among the many inconveniences associated with being stuck in the house due to the Coronavirus crisis, having no access to the gym is on top of the list. After working out in a gym, home fitness doesn’t feel the same to many of us, right? However, different does not mean worse!

You now have two choices: give in to the situation and watch your fitness decline, or download Technogym’s Mywellness app and track your fitness progress, save gym workouts to use at home and monitor your fitness goals online from your phone! You will not only be able to track your workouts but also receive personalised fitness plans put together for you by Technogym’s fitness advisors, direct to your phone.

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A personal trainer will help you meet your needs with a customised programme Image Credit: Supplied

With Mywellness, you can track all of the activities you do at home or outdoors — measuring the kilometres you have covered and the number of calories burned. Every physical activity you take part in will enable you to collect MOVEs, which are units of measurement that you can compare with your friends, to see who is the most active. The app will keep track of your MOVEs day after day, and thanks to the MOVERGY INDEX, you will be able to view your overall activity status in an easy, intuitive way.

It will also become your faithful training companion, and will guide you until you reach your goal, thanks to personalised training programmes and video tutorials, which show you how to complete exercises with the correct form, et al. You can also connect your favourite apps to Mywellness and keep all your sporting and lifestyle results in a single app.

Besides, you can discover how active you are, check your fitness, compare your performances and keep track of all of your records on a single screen. You can improve and track your performance at home or outdoors, when you are using equipment or carrying out bodyweight exercises. If you are someone who gets motivated at group classes, you can find the class activity that is best suited to you, and improve your MOVERGY INDEX by training with your friends.

There is also a wellness hub in the app, which is important for the operational and corporate clients to reach, coach and train their end users and members. To top it all, if you need personal attention, a certified personal trainer will use apps and professional measuring instruments to meet your needs with a customised programme, remaining by your side at all times.

Here are some of the top the benefits:

Train at home: Thanks to Mywellness app, fitness clubs can provide training services to customers to keep them active and motivated.

Workout of the day: The app provides a choice of three new workouts every day for the users, to keep them active and engaged.

Remote coaching: The Mywellness app includes a chat to coach option to keep in touch with users, anytime anywhere, keeping them motivated and active.

Training contents: Clubs can deliver personalised programmes to individuals, to keep members engaged and on track with their fitness routine.

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