Image Credit: Stefan Lindeque

Fitball Factory provides football-inspired workouts in a group or one-on-one settings.

It combines fitness elements such as strength training, conditioning, agility and plyometric drills with football-specific drills that improve shooting, passing and dribbling.

Kameron Jaff (pictured) is the founder and head coach of Fitball Factory. By combining his love for the beautiful game with his commitment to health and fitness, Jaff endeavours to provide a fun, engaging and challenging environment to improve your game, build muscle and get an incredible shape.

Here is a workout you can do at home in under 20 minutes, depending on whether you do six, seven or eight exercises. Each should be done for 35 seconds, followed by a 20-second rest between exercises.

Ball mountain climbers

These are just like regular mountain climbers except both hands are on the ball. Make sure the weight of your upper body is directly over the ball and widen your feet for better balance. Then proceed to draw in your knees towards your chest one at a time in an alternating fashion.

Ball V-ups

Start on your back with the ball in your hands. You are going to pulse up with your torso and legs at the same time, making a V-formation with your body. When you reach the point where hands and feet meet, move the ball from your hands to your feet by squeezing the ball and lower back down. Ideally, your legs, arms and upper back should never touch the floor as you engage your core throughout.

Sole rolls with squat at each cone

Stand over one cone with the ball under the sole of your foot. Hop over to the other cone, rolling the ball with the sole of your foot. If you are moving right, roll the ball with your left sole and stop it with the right sole until you reach the cone. Once there, perform a body weight squat over the cone. Then proceed to move towards the left cone, using your right sole to roll the ball and left sole to stop it. Squat one more time when you reach the left cone.