Mark Caroll
Mark Carroll, Founder, Kcal Image Credit: Supplied

Kcal is one of the most popular meal plan providers in the country. What do you see as the main ingredients in your success?

Kcal has been feeding the UAE with delicious, healthy food since 2010. We were one of the first brands in the market that launched meal plans to suit the busy lifestyles of UAE residents and we’ve got the recipe for success right from the start by ensuring complete transparency in all we do. We use fresh ingredients to create an extensive menu that caters to all tastes and preferences in the country. At the core of our success, however, is our team’s passion for flavoursome, healthy food.

How do you make it an ideal experience for a customer/client? What’s something a lot of people don’t know about Kcal products?

Whenever a customer starts a meal plan, they are assigned a dedicated support champion and a nutritionist that works to help you achieve your health goals so you can live your best life. Our meal plans are flexible, so if you’re travelling and want to pause your plan or want to change a dish from your daily delivery, it’s easy to do so using our online dashboard. We account for allergens, dietary preferences and your personal tastebuds and prepare each dish from scratch without additives, preservatives or nasty ingredients.

Image Credit: Kcal

Diversity of the offerings is important in most meal plans. Is the taste of the food very important, considering the impression of healthy food is that it isn't tasty?

Food quality, taste and consistency is our number one priority here at Kcal. Over the last 10 years, our team has developed an extensive menu consisting of over 800 dishes to ensure that we have something for every tastebud. Our Menu Engineering team are constantly developing new and exciting dishes alongside our in-house team of taste testers. Our goal is to create all your favourite dishes, just healthier and without compromising one little bit on taste and quality. Our new favourites are the Breadless Pizza made with a vegetable base and Pasta Free Lasagne that satisfy your craving without the guilt.

What plans do you have for the future, and where do you hope to see the company in 3-4 years?

We will spend the next few years continuing to enhance lifestyle through great food here in the UAE, while focusing on growth into other countries within the region.

There seems to be a huge interest among fitness enthusiasts to enter physique/bodybuilding contests? How can Kcal help them achieve their goals in terms of nutrition?

Kcal offers one-on-one consulting sessions with our expert nutritionists. A meal plan can be developed to support and help you achieve every health goal you set. However, for more fitness focused and performance driven individuals, Kcal has a meal prep company dedicated to bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts. Fuel Up by Kcal gives you full control of your meal by allowing you to build your meals from scratch according to the exact macros that you require. We’ve served the world’s best bodybuilders: Jay Cutler, Kai Greene and the 2021 Mr. Universe Big Ramy, to name a few. In addition to our food, we also offer a full range of performance enhancement supplements to take your gains to the next level.