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Do-it-yourself : Dorn Method & PIDDDS

“I suffered back pain and was told I needed a disc replacement operation. During a medical check the doctor also discovered a heart defect that first needed to be corrected, delaying my back operation by three months. In that time I tried the Dorn Method. After just two treatments I was pain-free. Not only was my back operation no longer necessary, my change in lifestyle has meant my moods are balanced, I have lost 10kg and now have no health issues at all. My life changed so dramatically that I left my job as a marketing director and I am now a certified Dorn Method Practitioner.” – Cagla Yuksel-Aydin from Turkey.

What is it? Manchester Clinic’s Jose Garbe-Vilijn has created a unique approach to health through combining the Dorn Method with PIDDDS (Personal Integrated Dynamic, Diet and Determination Solution). “For ultimate wellness, the body must first be in proper alignment, which can be achieved with the Dorn Method, a technique named after the German therapist Dieter Dorn who created it 30 yeas ago,” says Jose.

“All health, even mental health, stems from the body’s ‘source’ – our spine. If the sacrum at the base of the spine is displaced even slightly, and this could be for many reasons – posture, from birth, an old sports injury to name a few – then the vertebrae will also be displaced. Each vertebra relates to a different part of the body and if out of alignment, a chain reaction of ailments can result.

“People who have certain vertebrae out of alignment will always have ‘something on their nerves’, manifesting itself in many ways – backache, weight control issues, eczema, infertility or emotional symptoms such as depression and anger,” says Jose. “The Dorn Method is a simple non-manipulative procedure using light pressure and your body’s own motion. The legs can be realigned putting your body back into its perfect state of functioning.”
Jose combines the Dorn Method’s do-it-yourself exercises with educating people on how to eat according to their blood type.
“The PIDDDS formula is designed to reprogramme ourselves to feel well. It’s a lifestyle and a way to help understand our own bodies,” she says.

How can I do it? To make an appointment for an hour-long consultation to learn the basics of PIDDDS and the Dorn Method (starting from Dh400), contact Jose Garbe-Vilijn on 04-3497008,  or email info@piddds.com. Visit www.piddds.com for more info.

 Do-it-yourself:  Pranic Healing

“Three years ago I was diagnosed with a cancer called Hodgkin lymphoma. The news was devastating. I had to undergo chemotherapy that made me extremely ill. Alongside this conventional treatment, I was also introduced to Pranic Healing. Though sceptical at first, I soon found it to be comforting. I began to understand my pain and Pranic Healing helped me to believe that my inner energies can be sources of healing. I improved my lifestyle by incorporating meditation, breathing and diet. I believe that Pranic Healing contributed to the fact that today I am free of cancer.” – Jean Moraros, Lebanese set designer.

What is it? Dubai’s Prakash Balgopal has been healing from the GMCKS Pranic Energy Healing Centre for the past 11 years. The centre treats over 30 patients daily and runs workshops every weekend to teach the basics of Pranic Healing. “Prana is our life force,” says Prakash.
“It’s an invisible energy that keeps the body alive. Without touching, our hands are used to scan the body’s energy field and detect abnormalities or disturbances. Energy reflecting an underlying disease or problem is cleansed and is replaced by fresh, healing energy – or prana.”
The centre offers basic and advanced Pranic Healing courses. “In a Level 1 workshop you learn how to identify your energy aura,” explains Prakash. “You learn methods to sweep away congested energy, and how to ‘energise’ or supplement areas of deficiency. You also learn how to work with the network of chakras and meridians and accelerate the body’s healing process.
“Pranic Healing has been taught to doctors, nurses, massage therapists, acupuncturists and chiropractors among others in the medical field,” says Prakash. “Just recently I was a guest speaker at a breast cancer support group. I realised that with a little understanding, we all have the innate ability to help and heal ourselves.”

How can I do it? Prakash Balgopal is one of several Pranic healers and teachers running consultations and workshops from the GMCKS Pranic Energy Healing Centre in Karama, Dubai. Workshops are held every weekend (8 hours daily). The level 1 course starts from Dh950. For more information,  call 04-3360885, or visit www.pranichealingmea.com.

Do-it-yourself:  Art of Living

“I began my first Art of Living workshop full of anger and judgment. I was in the middle of a divorce and facing financial problems. The workshop changed my view of life dramatically. I feel changed. It was as though I used to function from behind dark glasses; now I can see clearly. I have found peace.” – Russian interior designer, Igor Lipkin.

What is it? Art of Living is a not-for-profit educational organisation that conducts self-development and stress elimination programmes. It follows the teachings of Nobel Peace Prize nominee and Indian humanitarian Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. “Art of Living is about empowering people to face life’s challenges gracefully,” says Dubai Art of Living teacher Rugmani Prabhakar. “Our workshops function on two levels. One, they provide information and knowledge to educate people about the tendencies of the mind. This is done through various processes and experiences. Second, practical techniques are learnt that allow a shift in the mind to help people handle situations in a healthy way.
“During a workshop, participants will learn yoga, meditation, breathing and skills that will help them stay centred in our imperfect world,” says Rugmani. “At the core of the workshop is the powerful and revitalising breathing technique, the Sudarshan Kriya, that can be practised daily and brings about physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing.”

More than 100 million people worldwide have undergone the Art of Living workshops. The stories of transformation are remarkable, varying from physical and mental wellbeing to improvement in social relationships and even greater professional success.

How can I do it? Art of Living level 1 workshops are held monthly all over Dubai. Time required is three consecutive evenings from 6pm to 10pm (incorporating a weekend), the cost is Dh1,000. For more information, course dates and registration visit www.artoflivingme.org.

Do-it-yourself: Continuum Movement

“I’m a spinal chord injury patient. Following an accident 14 years ago I am unable to walk. Neurosurgeons told me there was nothing they could do to relieve my constant back pain. Six months ago I learnt the Continuum Movement exercises and for the first time in many years I am pain free. I practice the healing daily and it brings instant relief. The stiffness in my back and legs disappears and my confidence and inner happiness has returned.” – Indian hotel chain coordinator Saima Khan.

What is it? Continuum Movement’s founder Californian Emilie Conrad was a choreographer who studied tribal dance in Haiti before she created this complementary therapy now used worldwide. Healer Mala Jham has studied the art directly from Conrad and now teaches it in Dubai.
“Continuum is a unique field of movement education that can be incredibly liberating,” says Mala. “Through it we discover that movement is not just something we do, on the contrary it is what we are. Our breath, the sounds we make, how we move and the sensations we feel are all part of us. Continuum releases these important components and in return we get a great sense of wellbeing.”
Mala says that because our bodies are mostly made up of water, Continuum emphasises fluidity. “Creating wave motions within our bodies by using a variety of breaths and sounds are important components of the discipline. Continuum can be easily learnt and can help anyone gain mobility and fluidity. Because it is a very gentle art, it can be especially useful in healing both internal distress and very serious injuries like spinal cord trauma.”

How can I do it? Mala runs Continuum Movement workshops on demand. The basic movements can be learnt in around
three hours then practiced daily at home. Mala’s rate is around Dh460 per hour. For more information visit  www.malajham.com.

Do-it-yourself:  The Tahealing

“A year ago I knew nothing of theta. I was walking down a spiritual pathway, yet I was burning with questions no one had answers to. Then came ThetaHealing. Suddenly everything shifted. I connected. Everything made perfect sense. It gave me the tools to clear my past and create the life I want. Manifesting wonders, clearing limiting beliefs, healing the physical body… through ThetaHealing, it’s effortless, easy and best of all, instant.” – Indian journalist Muby Asgher.

What is it? Awareness and recognition for ThetaHealing is growing worldwide. According to Milan Keswani, founder of Dubai-based complementary healing centre Third Eye, “Theta refers to a particular brainwave that, once reached, holds immense healing power. In day-to-day living, our brain produces electrical frequencies that are measured by the number of cycles per second. These brainwaves change according to the state we are in. During deep sleep our brain produces very slow waves called alpha. When we are in full activity our brain produces beta waves. In the theta state we move outside our consciousness entirely, beyond meditation, and connect with the source of all energy. In the theta state we can reprogramme the conscious mind, identify and remove negative beliefs and enjoy increased health and wellness.”
It’s the theta brainwave, says Milan, that is linked to creativity, inspiration, intuition and spiritual enlightenment. “Through theta we are able to act outside the predictable limitations of the five senses and our conscious perception. Once you have done the basic course, with practice you will be able to reach the theta state quickly and easily. The second advanced course allows further understanding so you will be able to utilise more energy and achieve faster healing of yourself and those around you.”

How can I do it? The Basic DNA2 course, the first stage of learning the ThetaHealing techniques, is run every second month at The Third Eye on Shaikh Zayed Road, from 9am to 6pm over three days, including weekends. The Third Eye
offers a ThetaHealing package, all three courses from basic through to advanced for Dh4,500. For more information, email info@thirdeyeonline.com or visit www.thirdeyeonline.com.

Do-it-yourself: Aura reading

“My life changed the afternoon I was introduced to Aura Reading. For some time I wasn’t feeling well; I was constantly tired and moody and was on the verge of being fired. The Aura Reading workshop taught me the causes of my condition and some simple techniques to overcome them and find the balance I needed. As a result I see and feel things differently now.” – Sandra Gomez, Australian software engineer.

What is it? According to wellbeing consultant Shivani Adalja, every living being has an aura that reflects its inner colour and energy. “Your aura is your spiritual signature,” says Shivani, “it carries important information about your past, your current life situation and your health. There are seven colours in the aura spectrum – each colour corresponds to a mood or emotion. The workshop teaches a simple meditation to reinforce each colour. When your aura is maintained and cleansed you are able to lead a more balanced, healthy life.”
Aura Reading workshops are designed for people who have no previous knowledge of the aura. “Just about anyone can attend this workshop and learn the techniques necessary to attune their eyes to the aura and to awaken the intuitive powers we all possess,” says Shivani. “Self-awareness is a big part of the workshop; after all, we can’t fix a problem if we don’t know what needs to be fixed.” After doing the workshop, you will be able to read not only your own aura, but also those of people around you.
Shivani has conducted these workshops in Australia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Belgium, Singapore and now the UAE.

How can I do it? The Alignment Institute is currently being set up in Dubai where Shivani will be running workshops on a regular basis. In the meantime, the full-day workshops are held monthly in Dubai Media City from 9:30am to 6:30pm, over weekends, and cost Dh1,850. For more information contact Shivani on 050-6811728, email shivani@pathwood.com or visit her website www.pathwood.com.

Do-it-yourself:  jin shin jyutsu
“I was first introduced to Jin Shin Jyutsu while attending a reiki course during my pregnancy. The third trimester was very uncomfortable for me and my reiki teacher suggested simple exercises that really seemed to relieve my mood swings and exhaustion. When I discovered I was giving myself Jin Shin Jyutsu I wanted to learn more, so I did the workshop. It really helped me during delivery and those first few weeks post-delivery. I now practice it daily on myself and my baby,” – Indian stay-at-home mother, Shital Chavan.

What is it? According to certified self-help Jin Shin Jyutsu instructor Mala Jham, Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient art that uses the technique of gently placing the fingertips on the 26 ‘safety energy locks’ around the body.
“These points are along energy pathways that feed life into our bodies. When one or more of the paths become blocked, the resulting stagnation can disrupt the local area and eventually disrupt the energy flow. Placing the fingertips on these energy locks in certain combinations can bring balance to the body, which in turn promotes optimal health and wellbeing.” Jin Shin Jyutsu does not involve massage, manipulation of muscles or attunement. “It’s all in the touch,” says Mala. “Each fingertip represents the attributes of worry; fear, anger, sadness and pretence. By specific hand placement we are able to clear this worry, to open the river of life and let our own bodies heal naturally. Jin Shin Jyutsu is something we are all born with, the workshop is just a process of remembering.
“The beauty of Jin Shin Jyutsu is that it can be done anywhere, anytime – while watching TV, in traffic or on the telephone. Once you are aware of the right points to tap into, anyone can jumper cable themselves into their very own battery of life. This reduces the tension and stress that accumulates through normal daily living.”

How can I do it? A Jin Shin Jyutsu workshop typically takes three to four hours daily over a three-day period. You will learn the history and philosophy of the art as well as the 26 safety energy locks and their self-help applications. For more information, visit www.malajham.com. A Take control of your wellbeing by signing up for one of these alternative health workshops and courses that teach you how to heal yourself.