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Burjeel Hospital offers the services of diverse specialists, including endocrinologists, ophthalmologists, dieticians, and vascular and bariatric surgeons in treating diabetes and other concomitant illnesses

Diabetes is a chronic disease, which would cause or lead to other life-threatening medical complications or conditions. For this very reason, we must maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid getting diabetic. However, millions of people around the world are affected by diabetes. While some would be able to control the levels of sugar in the blood, others struggle.

Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi has been a solace for thousands of such diabetic patients struggling to keep their sugar level under control. The endocrinology department at the hospital comprising a multi-disciplinary team of doctors offers comprehensive care and treatment to patients with diabetes and concomitant diseases.

Burjeel Hospital is one of the leading facilities in the region with a diverse in-house team incorporating specialities such as bariatric surgery, fatty liver, diabetic foot, and others. GN Focus speaks to Dr Job Simon at Burjeel Hospital about diabetes, ways to keep diabetes under control, the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and the uniqueness of treatment offered at the hospital for diabetes.

Dr. Job Simon
Dr Job Simon, Consultant Endocrinology, Burjeel Hospital Image Credit: Supplied

How can people test their glucose levels?

Dr Simon: There are many ways by which a person can check blood sugar. One of the easiest means is to buy a glucometer. In this case, one can check for the level of blood sugar by themselves at a time comfortable for them. The latest of the devices are capable of monitoring the levels of sugar in a person’s body regularly throughout the day. These devices are helpful for those who have erratic glucose control. People may also visit a hospital or a laboratory to check for the levels of sugar in their blood.

What are the other complications that people with diabetes should be wary of?

Dr Simon: Diabetes is a silent killer. It can be a cause or lead to other serious health conditions or diseases. Hence, people with diabetes must follow a healthy lifestyle and monitor their weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. They might also undergo regular eye examinations and must ensure their feet are healthy.

Dr. Omran Bedir Gatee
Dr Omran Bedir Gatee, Consultant Endocrinology, Burjeel Hospital Image Credit: Supplied

How is treatment for patients with diabetes at Burjeel Hospital unique?

Dr Simon: Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi has a diverse team of specialist physicians and endocrinologists to treat diabetic patients. The team at Burjeel Hospital comprises educators, dieticians, ophthalmologists, vascular and bariatric surgeons. The hospital also has a dedicated fatty liver clinic to deal with other complications related to diabetes.

Healthy diet and lifestyle crucial in avoiding gestational diabetes

Dr Anna Burratin
Dr Anna Burattin, Consultant Endocrinology Burjeel Hospital Image Credit: Supplied

Gestational diabetes is a common trend in the UAE and accounts for more than 19 per cent of all pregnancies in the country. Dr Anna Burattin, Consultant Endocrinologist at Burjeel Hospital, Abu Dhabi, speaks to GN Focus about gestational diabetes and ways to avoid it.

What is gestational diabetes?

Dr Burattin: Gestational diabetes is an alteration of glucose metabolism or glucose intolerance diagnosed for the first time during pregnancy. Gestational diabetes is diagnosed with a glucose tolerance test performed at 24-28 weeks of gestation.

Is gestational diabetes worrisome?

Dr Burattin: Gestational diabetes subsides after delivery in most cases. But it is cause for worry due to the complications the condition might bring for both mother and the fetus. However, despite this, most of the pregnant ladies with gestational diabetes deliver healthy babies.

Can we avoid gestational diabetes?

Dr Burattin: The risk of developing gestational diabetes could be reduced by following a healthy and active lifestyle. Consuming a balanced diet and avoiding gaining excessive weight before and during pregnancy is crucial.

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