Musa Khalfan
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Dubai: Meet Musa Khalfan. One of the UAE’s fastest men. He broke the record for a 100-meter run in 2016. Crossing the finish line in just 10.54 seconds. 

The Emirati athlete turned entrepreneur, who is now 34 years old, started his sprinting career in back in his early school days, and has won over 42 medals. By day, Musa works in the public sector, and in the evenings split his time between his MK barbershop and training.

Gulf News finds out exactly how Musa spends his day, what he eats and how often he trains to keep up his speed.

5am wake up call

I usually wake up to pray Fajr, every morning. This allows me to prepare my, mind, body, and soul for the day ahead.

Once I pray Fajr, I then prepare for the most important meal of the day, which is breakfast.

5.30am breakfast

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I usually like to have egg whites with fresh vegetables and greek yoghurt with muesli on most days. Then there are some days that I will keep it simple with avocado toast and orange juice. On the weekends I cannot resist indulging in a good set of waffles.

One ingredient that I cannot live without in a given day is a banana, and it is primarily because of the nutritional content it holds.

Then I check my phone

The first thing that I check on my phone in the morning is the news. It allows me to keep up with what is going locally and around the world.

6am getting ready for work

Musa Khalfan
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I like to wear my Kandura to work, as it is traditional attire and suitable in my line of work.

The commute

On my drives to work, I usually listen to music which can consist of anything from R&B, Jazz, or Hip-Hop. If there are any new interview podcast to tune in to, I like to add this variation to my commute as well.

5pm Post-work training time

Musa Khalfan
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When I am done with work, I get ready for training, which can consist of sprint training, strength and conditioning, or HIIT. It just depends on what I feel like doing that day.

My best energy level is in the evenings. I have gotten into the routine of doing my training after I leave the office, which works well for me. On the weekend my training time varies, as it depends on what I have planned.

However, I always make time to train on the weekends no matter what. It’s good to be disciplined and committed to training, by making it time for it. If you prioritise other things and start to miss training days, it is hard to stay committed. So, the key is consistency.

I also enjoy cycling! Usually, I will try to go once a week. They are mostly shorter distance rides just to allow me to check off a short cardio workout. I usually like to ride around Meydan or the Al Qudra Lakes area.

Kitted out: My usual go-to kit when I run is light and comfortable fabrics. I will also always invest in a good pair of shoes. I love my new Under Armour Phantom 2, because they fit like a sock and they connect to the app Map My Run, so it tracks my running. I love tracking stuff and review my data afterwards.

7pm Dinner time

Healthy food
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During the week, I keep it clean and stick to healthy eating and ensure my meals are well-balanced. When it comes to the weekend, I tend to have a cheat meal or two, to give the body what it wants, which is important to do to keep you going during the week.

Dubai Fitness Challenge goals

I love this month of fun activities around the city, so for sure – I will be participating in a number of challenges. I especially love the super intense challenges.

9pm stretching

I usually like to do a full-body stretch to help relieve any tightness from work or training and then pray before going to sleep.

10.30pm bedtime

I sleep early. I need my rest since I wake up early and exercise in the evenings, it helps me fall asleep quite quickly.

Then i start my day again at 5am, pray Fajr then kick off the day with a healthy and filling breakfast.