La Mer in Dubai is a great place for families to enjoy a day-out

Dubai: La Mer, Dubai’s latest beachfront destination that was launched recently, has become a huge hit with residents and tourists alike. It’s easy to see why! The Jumeirah 1 ‘Instagrammable’ neighbourhood has everything in one place - quirky cafés, restaurants serving cuisines from around the world, water sports an retail stores and more.

Situated opposite the old Dubai Zoo on Jumeirah Beach Road, the development is divided into two zones: La Mer South and La Mer North. Adorned with hundreds of hanging light bulbs, the place exudes what many UAE residents have dubbed on social media as the ‘Los Angeles’ vibe. Almost all walls are painted with interactive graffiti, making the place a treat to the eye. The waves are smoother after being broken down by a palm trees boulevard and marram grass verges.

The fun never stops at La Mer.

What separates La Mer from other beachfront developments is that it won’t leave a hole in your pocket. “It’s not expensive here. Also it’s not as busy as JBR – it’s quieter,” said Natalia Azarian, a long-time Jumeirah resident.

A Dubai resident who was enjoying the beachside with her three kids said: “At Kite Beach there aren’t any restaurants while at JBR you have to book into a five star property if you wish to spend an afternoon by the beach. At La Mer, there is something for every budget. ”

A cinema, waterpark and additional shopping stores and eateries will open later this year as part of the third zone called The Wharf. La Mer is open every day from 10am to midnight.

Our recommendations:

Book a day at the Cabana

You can book one of the colourful cabanas for a day and enjoy the beachside or read a book on the hammocks installed in the sea. The cabana, located just off the shore, has enough room for four people. 
Price: Dh600 for four adults

Jump out at Hawa Hawa

Hawa Hawa (‘air’ in Arabic) is the name of the trampoline park at La Mer. The dune shaped facility has been brought from Japan and is ideal for anyone who loves to ‘jump and bounce’ around or show off their trampolining skills and stunts.

Parker’s without the key

If you’re still struggling to find a key or someone who has a key to Parker’s in Dubai Mall, you’ll be happy to know the Parker’s in La Mer is open to all. Enjoy the award winning ‘Lotus Drama’ or truffle fries.

Water sports

If you’re looking for your adrenaline fix there are a bunch of water sports including jet skiing and banana boat rides. The Wharf, when opened, will have a water park that will house the world’s ‘scariest’ water slide -- so watch out!

Tick your bucket list

Whether it’s fresh pretzels from ‘Pretzel World’ or a caramel flavoured kahwa at ‘Cupagahwa’ or Matcha milk cake from ‘Motomachi’, La Mer has all of this and more.