Golf Hatchback has been Volkswagen’s most popular car Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Most carmakers would think twice before fiddling with a formula that’s stood them in good stead for years. Not Volkswagen.

For nearly four decades, the Golf Hatchback has been Volkswagen’s most popular car, having sold over 29 million models so far. But recently, the German manufacturer gave the car a dramatic makeover. The result: an improved version that is not just longer and wider despite being 100kg lighter, but also 23 per cent more fuel efficient. Not surprisingly, Thomas Milz, managing director, Volkswagen Middle East, calls it the most fuel efficient Golf ever.

Looks and image

Compared to its predecessor, the seventh incarnation of Golf looks more rakish. While on the Golf Mk6 the wings were higher than the bonnet – effectively framing it – this is now the other way round. On the sides, the crease lines form the wings’ lowest points, before the latter transfer vertically into the wheel arches. The inlays in the door panels have illuminated trim as part of the ambient lighting and the ergonomic interior is built with quality materials.

Space and practicality

The cabin is spacious and can easily accommodate four adults. There are also plenty of practical storage spaces scattered around the cabin, as well as handy folding trays but the luggage space leaves much to be desired.

Behind the wheel

Thanks to its rigid body and suspension, the car is a pleasure to drive. No matter which engine you choose, the handling remains smooth. The best thing about it is that it has a range of adjustment to help you find the perfect driving position. As you would expect, it’s got all safety kit besides options for extras like city brake assist and self-parking.

Overall verdict

The Golf ticks all the right boxes and is more comfortable and afforable than most of its rivals. If you are looking for an affordable hatchback then it’s your best bet.

Specs at a glance

Golf SEL

Engine: 1.4 TSI -7 (turbo stratified injection) Speed DSG

Power: 103 KW 140 BHP

Top speed: 212 km/h

Acceleration 0-100kh/h: 8.4 seconds

Fuel consumption combined: 5.0 1/100km

Price: Dh 98,324 (prices may vary depending on promotion)