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Proper care of one’s body, exercising, and other factors help us have and maintain skin healthily. However, in the long run, our skin would need enhancements to sustain the glow of youth.

This is where aesthetic and cosmetology treatments help you with. The department of aesthetics and cosmetology at Aster Clinics offers you a wide range of treatment solutions and procedures to maintain healthy and glowing skin.

In these times, there are various factors that affect the skin health. According to Dr Divya Kamat, Specialist Dermatologist, poor diet or sleep, exposure to dust and pollutants, and hormonal changes can adversly affect the skin. “Exposure to dust, pollutants, and chemicals clog the pores of the skin and make it appear dull. It might even cause acne flare-ups. The best way to protect our skin from external pollutants is by following a smart skin-care regimen,” says Dr Kamat.

Dr Vimi Ponnamparambath, Specialist Dermatologist says, “Poor diet not just reduces the health of the body, but it also affects the health of the skin. To have healthy skin, it is ideal to include more fruits and vegetables in the diet. Too many sweets and carbohydrates may develop acne, so we must be taking these foods in limit.”

Deprivation of sleep and hormonal changes are other problems that affect the skin. “If you sleep less, your skin appears dull or is more prone to acne flare-ups. Lack of sleep may cause your body to produce high levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. Females may notice acne breakouts during their menstrual cycle. Similarly, women experience dry skin as they approach menopause,” says Dr Nameer Abdul Majeed, Specialist Dermatologist.

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Image Credit: Supplied

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