Harvey Dent Image Credit: Supplied


This is one of the scariest yet easiest Halloween looks you can go in for, says Carol Dsouza. It will take you only 15 minutes to achieve, but you will need the help of a friend to paint your shoulders and back.

You need:

White and black face paints (available at Party Centre and Creative Minds)

Glitter for teeth

How do you go about it?

1. Apply white paint all over your face, leaving out the area around your eyes. Follow with horizontal strokes on chest and neck as shown in the picture

2. Complete with black paint all around your eyes, shoulders and back

3. Use black pencil kajal to draw out the teeth and cracks on the forehead


This look requires a little more precision and patience. Spare about half an hour to complete the task.

You need:

Grey face paint

Liquid latex (can be made at home with petroleum jelly and all-purpose flour)

fake blood (available at Daiso Japan and Party Centre)

How do you go about it?

1. Apply face paint over the desired areas

2. Carefully place the latex (avoid areas where you have a tendency to sweat)

3. Paint over the latex to make it uniform

4. Apply fake blood as seen in the picture or as you prefer.

The same can be done using a white foundation, if you like.

Harvey Dent

This quick, easy and hassle-free look never gets old. Make sure you seek the help of a friend to place the cotton rightly.

You need:

Liquid latex


Cotton and face glue

Red and brown lipsticks

How do you go about it?

1. Apply the foundation to even out the skin

2. Place the cotton on the left side of your face using face glue and press to create an uneven burnt texture

3. Complete with latex and fake blood as desired

4. Fill spaces with red and brown lipstick as shown in the picture

5. Use white paints and black kajal to define out the teeth and the area around your left eye


Always a ‘star’ at Halloween parties. Everyone knows this character and it’s literally a three-step make up which takes about 15 minutes.

You need:

White, black and red face paints (you can use make-up if you don’t have face paints)

Green hair spray (available at Party Centre Deira and Media City)

How do you go about it?

1. Apply the white paint all over your face and neck leaving out the area around your eyes and lips/cheeks. You can use a sketch pen to draw out the lines.

2. Paint the area around the eyes with black, and lips with red paint

3. Spray the green paint over your gelled/semi wet hair for the desired look

Pop Art

This ‘not-so-scary’ look is for everyone looking to simmer it down this Halloween. If you’re pressed for time you’ll be happy to know this would take just 10 minutes.

You need:

White and blue paints

Black kajal

Purple lipstick

How do you go about it?

1. Create a ‘polka dot’ sort of look over your face and neck

2. Draw teardrops using a kajal pencil and colour it blue (you can also use eye shadow for this)

3. Complete the look with a devilish lip shade