Getting a massage is always an uplifting experience but I find that exfoliation treatments are a worthwhile combination of skin care and relaxation.

One such treatment is the invigorating Summer Reviver from Willow Stream Spa, Fairmont The Palm Dubai.

The spa is a lush, quiet space with all the usual features such as a steam room, special showers and a lounge area. As always, it’s best to arrive early to unwind before the treatment. The spa therapist informs me that the session is for 60 minutes — 20 minutes of the scrub, and a 40-minute massage.

After getting onto the massage table, we dive straight into the exfoliation. The therapist uses a slightly warm, gritty scrub that smells beautiful (it’s supposed to have juniper berry and grapefruit essential oils). She uses long, sweeping motions, making sure to check if the pressure is OK. The scrub is not too harsh but is enough to really get your skin feeling buffed.

The massage is a great end to the exfoliation and I was advised to leave the oils on overnight as a boost of moisture.

I thought I would find the 40-minute massage too short, but I didn’t mind at all. In fact, the treatment was the perfect duration that I could check in right after work and be out before dinnertime.

What we liked: The therapist was kind and friendly, checking in with me regularly during the treatment. The result of the treatment is really the best part — smooth, glowing and soft skin.

What we didn’t like: Nothing at all.

Go for: A summer spa treat.

Details: Dh400 for 60 minutes. Offer available only in August.