Designer Jef Albea's bridal collection at the London Fashion Week. Image Credit: Rodolfo San Juan/Gulf News Reader

Dubai-based Filipino fashion designer Jef Albea showed his bridal collection at the House of Ikons on September 16, 2017. It was his first time to join the London Fashion Week and he was delighted to display his creations on the runway.

Albea said in a phone interview with Gulf News tabloid!: “Showcasing my bridal collection for the London Fashion Week is really a dream come true. I am privileged and proud to represent the Philippines and my atelier in Dubai, UAE.

“My collection is actually a dedication to all my clients who come from diverse cultures and backgrounds. As you see, it showcases different hues but solid in one aesthetic. Thanks to all my clients who trusted me. Although they come from different countries, they now have one common denominator. And that is Jef Albea.”

After a show in London, Albea stated he was exhausted but more excited to come back to Dubai.

“I can’t wait to return to Dubai. I’ll be there on September 30. I am excited to make beautiful bridal gowns as we launch our brand in Dubai. We are looking forward to expand and create dresses for other Emirates aside from Dubai,” he said.

Quiz Albea on what can people expect from him and the designer frankly said Albea dresses were not always affordable “but we always make sure that every price is reasonable! We create all custom-made dresses using high-quality textiles and materials from all over the world.”

Meanwhile, Albea is looking forward to showcasing his clothes in Dubai. He said: “It will be a dream come true to show my masterpieces during the Dubai Fashion Forward in Dubai, UAE.

“My goal is to show the world my talent as a Filipino designer. I want to encourage women of all nations to transform themselves into an elegant, extraordinary and confident individuals by expressing their beauties wearing every piece of my design. My ultimate goal is to have ateliers all over the UAE and to dream big — Jef Albea in London and Paris.”