Heavenly Spa Image Credit: Supplied

The Heavenly Spa at the newish Westin at Al Habtoor City is a cosy getaway situated accessibly on Shaikh Zayed Road. Minimalistic and modern, the spa hidden behind a gigantic door, is instantly welcoming, and includes several beautiful treatment rooms, for both solo outings and couples.

The treatment: We picked the Detox Cleansing Ritual treatment, which they claim helps to regulate fat metabolism in the body, owing to the detoxifying ingredients used in the body wrap, which includes natural ingredients like seaweed, eucalyptus and fossil mud, among others.

After the therapist guides you to the treatment room, you’re first given a light foot scrub. This is perfect for restless customers like me because it instantly helps calm your nerves and gets you ready for the intense scrub that follows. Once on the treatment table, the therapist goes on to rub your body down vigorously with a combination of what we’re told is a blend of salt, seaweed and lemon. You can almost feel the dead skin falling off you at this time.

Once the scrub is done, you’re guided to the in-room open shower where you quickly rinse off, before heading back to the treatment table. This time a thick paste of seaweed, eucalyptus and fossil mud is applied to your body, following which you’re wrapped in a plastic wrap and you can pretend to be a mummy for a bit and drift off to la la land while your therapist gives you a head massage.

After about 15 to 20 minutes, the therapist returns and unwraps you gently after which you again take a shower to rinse off the potent wrap. The final step in the treatment involves a light massage with a fragrant oil that leaves your body glowing.

Post treatment, you’re led to the relaxation area, where you’re presented with light snacks like dried fruits and a pot of tea of your preference.

What we liked: The 20-minute wrap-time, when you feel like you’re in a warm cocoon, is extremely relaxing and the warm shower after makes your skin feel altogether new and refreshed.

What we didn’t like: While extremely relaxing at the time of getting the treatment, detoxing sessions in themselves don’t really do much for your body in the way of any real detoxing. I walked out feeling almost the same as I had when I had walked in and I wish I’d opted for a more useful treatment. I’d recommend to try the Heavenly Spa Swedish Massage, instead.

Good for: An unwinding session.

The details

Where: Heavenly Spa, The Westin, Al Habtoor City, Shaikh Zayed Road

Duration: 80 minutes

Cost for treatment: Dh585

Call: 04-4373333