“Oh wow you have virgin hair!” hairdresser and stylist, Simon, exclaimed as he examined my shoulder-length jet black hair. Apparently, that is what they call hair that has never been subjected to dyes, perms, bleaches or hard washes.

I am at Jose Eber Laloge, the recently opened boutique hair salon for men and women at The Address Boulevard. I tell Simon that my hairstyle was more for convenience than a statement. Our conversation drifts off to his own bald head. 

“Convenience or style statement?” I ask. He said he was already thinning out in some spots that he decided going bald was the best option. “It’s cool, like in a Jason Statham way,” I remarked.

A haircut and styling here will set you back Dh480 but I understand why people would go here for hair and beauty treatments. The set-up is luxurious and the experience is VIP-level.

Jose Eber Laloge

“Let's make your hair bounce again,” Simon said, adding that since my hair was a little dry, I would need a boost from a Kerastase treatment before my haircut and styling. 

What is it: A Kerastase treatment is a customised treatment specific for your hair needs using the Kerastase product line. There are apparently 20 combinations to choose from to instantly treat hair and transform it for lasting results.

The treatment: The experience began with the stylist’s assistant working up a shampoo lather on my rather oily hair. Apparently she used Laloge’s special Kerastase treatment on my tresses, letting it work its magic on my hair from root to tip while she gave me a rather relaxing head massage.

After rinsing off the suds, it was off to the hairdresser’s chair where the stylist asked me what kind of look I was going for. "Surprise me, but just make sure I can still tie my hair in a ponytail during ordinary days,” I said with a grin. 

He deftly worked on my hair with the speed of an expert and before I knew it, he was already using a flat iron to add some soft curls to my hair. They perfectly framed my face. Amazing!

What we liked: The experience took less than an hour, which was comfortable and convenient for someone on the go like me. I also loved the simple but smart styling that really transformed my entire look!

What we didn’t like: I tried the back massage but the therapist was obviously not that experienced and it felt like she just wanted to make it her mission to knead my aching muscles into submission.

Go for: The Kerastase treatment with a haircut and styling will give your hair some tender, loving care (TLC) in this harsh summer heat and costs a total of Dh780.

Contact: 05 22222901 or 05 27225999 or email info@laloge.com