Marc Jacobs left Luis Vuitton last month to focus on the IPO of his own line. Image Credit: Reuters

Asking fashion insiders who is going to be the next artistic director at Louis Vuitton is similar to a post-Ferguson Man United. Most football pundits would have put money on David Moyes.

Clearly, Nicolas Ghesquiere, the ex-Balenciaga designer, is widely believed to be in the frame to replace Marc Jacobs. Still, here’s what came back when we asked five front rowers who will look good in the LV chair. 

Jess Cartner-Morley, fashion editor, the Guardian

Vuitton would be the perfect comeback vehicle for Nicolas Ghesquire, given extra frisson by the fact that he’s engaged in a courtcase with LVMH’s biggest rivals. It would be fascinating to see him perform on the blockbuster scale which Vuitton demands: his Balenciaga was always an arthouse, elitist aesthetic. However I am fantasising about them giving it to Phoebe Philo. How amazing would that be? Her taste levels are off the scale, plus she’s been on the Eurostar between London and Paris about ten million times over her decades at Celine and Chloe – put those two together and you realise she’d make the best luggage, as well as fashion. 

Caroline Issa, executive fashion director, Tank

I’d tip the Proenza Schouler guys for the job – they have consistently been sending out top notch collections and they have a hugely successful accessories business and eye, key for Louis Vuitton where accessories still reign. 

Rebecca Lowthorpe, fashion features director, Elle

It’s an almost open secret that it’s Ghesquire, isn’t it? If so, I think he’ll be brilliant and bring with him a very different modern and exciting vision for the house. He’s a true fashion leader with a unique vision so expect a complete overhaul of the Vuitton brand. 

Susie Lau, Stylebubble

The natural candidate is Nicolas Ghesquire of course. It would be great to see him back at a house and his take on Louis Vuitton would be interesting to see. However, I would love it if he also had his own label as well, which is what is being rumoured. He could really have complete freedom, something lacking at Balenciaga. 

Avril Mair, fashion director, Harper’s Bazaar

It is going to be Nicolas Ghesquire and I think that’s really exciting after all, this is the designer who mastered the art of brand reinvention at Balenciaga. His incredible imagination has been missed in Paris for the past two seasons; while I loved Louis Vuitton by Marc Jacobs, I can’t wait to see where Ghesquire will take us.