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An LA-style blow dry bar located on Jumeirah Beach Road next to the Hamptons Cafe, Be Bar is a modern and chic salon that tends to all things hair, except for hair cuts. They specialise in a range of blow dry styles, updos, braids and intensive scalp and hair treatments, and when they invited us to try one of their hair treatments, we jumped at the chance to try the Brazilian Blowout that’s all the rage this summer.

What it is: The Brazilian Blowout is a liquid keratin formula that bonds to your hair to create a protective layer around each strand, effectively smoothing hair, cutting out frizz and protecting it against any external damage. The smoothing treatment’s effects last for upto three months after which the hair returns to its original state.

The treatment: The stylist began by shampooing my hair thoroughly, after which I was led back to the treatment room, a bare space away from the main blowout area of the salon. Working section by section, the Brazilian Blowout formula was applied from root to tip. Then came the difficult part, where two stylists began blowdrying my hair simultaneously (I’m guessing they were under a time crunch). But the effect of two people tugging at my hair from both ends while applying heat to my treatment-drenched hair was uncomfortable, to say the least. Add to that the fumes from the treatment, which sting your eyes and nose, and you’re in for a cry fest before you know it. Since I have short hair, thankfully this ordeal doesn’t last too long. Following the blow dry, the stylist takes a flat iron to my hair and gets straightening. Then it’s back to the shampoo bowl to rinse out the treatment, followed by a deep conditioning mask. And for a final touch, my hair was blow-dried smooth, which took less than ten minutes.

What we liked: After the treatment, my previously coarse and wavy hair is now straighter and very smooth to the touch. My blow drying time at home has been cut by more than half, and even on the days I let my hair air dry, I get salon-quality results. It’s been three weeks since I’ve done the treatment and I see no signs of weakening so far. Also, Dubai’s crazy humidity levels are no longer a threat and my hair remains smooth and shiny outdoors.

What we didn’t like: We wish the treatment had been done in a well-ventilated room, so you don’t have to suffer the irritating treatment fumes.

Go for: We fully recommend the treatment for those who are looking to control unmanageable hair during the UAE’s punishing summers.

The details: The Brazilian Blowout takes approximately 1.5 to 3 hours and costs Dh1,000-3,000 depending on hair length.