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Anyone can be a trendsetter and rock the warm season’s hottest bobs. Kick-start your summer with some serious hair inspiration. Here’s what we recommend as we enter the prime beach season with tips to create the 'dos yourself!

Grown-out pixie

The initial week may feel somewhat tricky, but giving it another week or two, gaining length by the cruff and a little at the ears, will give you more personality.

How to style: Run a dab of texturising mousse throughout your clean, towel-dry lob and work into your hair using your fingertips for an edgy look. It will become trendy and fun.

Buzzed hair 

Pretty hair gives confidence but these days if you want to look knock-out gorgeous take a plunge and chop those locks. It's intense and this cut creates room for your features to shine. The look is fresh and can lead to many interesting conversations. Avoid it only if you have weird bumps and kinks on your head.

How to style: Maintain the look with protection. The harsh UAE sun can leave a burn on your scalp. Look for a hair and scalp sunscreen.

Blunt bob

Hair experts say that this is the type of haircut that works well on everyone. The cut is blunt and has no layers. It's super easy to manage and perfect for anyone whose hair has gone through a lot of damage after several styling treatments. You can do a middle part, a side part or none at all.

How to style: Use an appropriate shampoo and conditioner for your type of hair. If needed, go to our favourite salon to get that weekly conditioning treatment. You can just roll up your hair into a bun if it’s going to be a busy day.

Textured mane

Adding layers to your straight hair can frame your face perfectly. It's a popular cut nowadays. Your stylist adds volume to your short straight hair by cutting at an angle and creating layers. These layers may look simple but it actually hides any damage from all the chemical and colour treatments when you had long fine hair.

How to style: Bring back your crown's former glory by using a moisture-rich shampoo and conditioner to strengthen and nourish the hair.

Layered curls

This hairstyle is a good choice for those who have long and natural curly hair as it enhances the natural soft look. However, your hair should be below the chin so the curls don't get too bouncy. 

How to style: A light spray gel, like those curl defining spray gels work well. It will add texture to the hair without weighing the strands down.

Beach waves

Say no to smooth and polished curls. The UAE heat should let you rock the undone beach waves. The slightly unkempt look will give body to your boring straight hair. It does need a little effort to get the effortless look, but it's all worth it.

How to style: Apply a heat protectant to you hair and just randomly curl your hair out and away from your face with a curling iron. Hold the iron for 8 to 12 seconds, and that should be fine.


Bangs can give you a fresh, new look without cutting your hair if you are not a fan of sudden trims. Just ask your stylist to find the best bangs for your face shape. If done properly, it can have a balancing effect that will draw attention to your eyes.

How to style: Blow your bangs under with a fine-toothed comb or just a flat brush. Too much cream or spray can make bangs look greasy fast.