Image Credit: Supplied/ Browz Dubai

Every girl and any girl seems to be getting lashes added on to her eyes these days. I've always tried avoiding them. I worry I would get used to seeing myself with beautiful and long lashes and then never wanting to go without them ever again. They would be a fortune to keep up, not to mention my natural lashes would look mediocre and boring to me. So I made a promise to only wear lashes at important events, but never to wear them every day.

When I read about LVL Lashes, I thought okay, they aren't false lashes, I don't have to worry about things falling out, instead LVL somehow lengthens and improves your own lashes. I was sceptical. These before and after pictures looked amazing! Surely they were falsies? No they weren’t.

I decided to give it a try.

1. LVL Lashes won’t fall out like false lashes do

LVL stands for Length- Volume- Lift, and the treatment is more advanced and efficient than traditional lash perms. LVL straightens the eyelashes out from the root and allows it to reach its fullest potential by looking longer and thicker. Founder and Owner of Browz Salon Michele Barclay, says, “LVL is designed to enhance the natural lashes by giving the illusion of length, volume and lift, and the tinting darkens the natural lashes to create a more striking look.”

2. They last around 6 weeks

If you’re into extreme sports, or visit the steam room every day, then they may just last 4 weeks, rather than 6. Length of time is also dependent on the health and condition of natural lashes, so make sure you take good care of them

3. It’s totally safe and nourishing

Unlike perming, LVL lashes does not dry the eyelashes out or weaken them, making it a completely safe and approved for use treatment. As opposed to curling perms, which tend to shorten and restrict lashes, this treatment aims to help them stretch out. Since the lashes are being treated from the root, the results are instant and long lasting.

4. You look natural with Umph

Sometimes, false lashes look… well…. false. I stepped out looking like myself, but with more curl, darker colour and bigger eyes. I liked it! I won’t need any mascara for 6 weeks. It looks like I’m wearing one of those really amazing expensive ones by Dior or something, except the difference is, I can rub my eyes and I wake up like this. (oh yeaah)

5. It doesn’t hurt

If you’re a person who can keep their eyes closed for 40 minutes, then you’ll be fine getting this treatment. That may just be the only discomforting thing about it. I usually need to check my phone every 10 minutes (terrible I know), so you sit back while she works her magic giving your lashes lift, volume and colour.