Fashion, colourful hair and make-up has always been part of the K-Pop package and no one does it better than the multitalented acts. Finding a K-Pop-inspired Halloween costume can be a bit daunting. No Halloween is perfect without dressing up as your favourite K-Pop idol. So, here’s a round-up of fun and easy Halloween costume ideas inspired by K-Pop idols that will surely stand you out from the crowd:

1. Red Velvet’s Girl Scouts’ Concept

Red Velvet donned a powerful, girl scout-style outfits for their summer mini-album and you can too. Their rendition is filled with heavily badged sashes. To complete the look, make sure to accessorise with your skirt and top lots of patches, badges and pins.

2. Momoland’s Bboom Bboom Outfit

For this year’s breakout artists, you’ll need to sport a coloured top or jumper with a mesh tulle skirt. This look is inspired by their Bboom Bboom music video. Spice it up with coloured hair and you’ll definitely resemble the K-Pop idols in no time. Grab your friends to re-create the Momoland look.

3. Block B’s Very Good Hair

It’s all in the hair. Block B has produced a variety of concepts throughout their career but their eccentric hair in their energetic Very Good music video, where they transformed into bank-robbing circus freaks, is a stand out. You can easily pull off Block B’s look, especially Zico’s white hair and P.O’s red hot-flared hair. Slip into any coloured-suit and style your up hair with pins and plenty of hairspray. A wig could also be another option.

4. Crayon Pop’s Helmet Look

Crayon Pop drew attention for their unique fashion outfit and stage choreography for their song Bar Bar Bar in 2013. To create their famous athleisure look, all you need is polo shirts, tracksuit pants with skirts and shoes of the same colour. The most important part is to throw in a scooter helmet. Add it with a pair of white winter gloves or run past a local pharmacy to buy a pack of medical gloves. For the finishing touch, you can leave you hair down or style it in multiple ponytails.

5. NCT 127’s Cherry Bomb look

Get creative with this look. Not a lot of K-Pop boy bands can pull of bright pink colours but NCT 127 flawlessly did, making fashion bright and fun. Search for the brightest pink jacket and pants you can find. Don’t forget to dress it up with a dark-coloured tie. It’s that easy and a great costume idea to consider.