You can check and pay any vehicle fines online – unless you have been instructed to visit the Traffic Department in person.

If you don't have easy access to the internet, then you can still pay your fines in person at a traffic department branch or RTA service centre.

Documents needed to check fines online

Required information
TC number on your vehicle’s registration card
Vehicle licence plate number

Abu Dhabi and northern Emirates fines

Check and pay your fines here: Ministry of Interior website 

Dubai fines

Check and pay your fines here: RTA website 

Traffic Department locations

If you are required to visit a Traffic Department in person, then it is important that you do so with all the correct documents. 

Required documents - all must be valid
Driving license
Vehicle registration card
Emirates ID
Vehicle insurance papers

The Police may ask for additional documents.

Traffic Department offices are located all across the country. Find your nearest one on our map.