Same dress, different sizes: Fashion bloggers Nikita Phulwani, left, and Sadaf Khan Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: If you’re someone who is constantly making a “can wear” and “cannot wear” list, this should be your eye-opener.

Two Dubai-based fashion and lifestyle bloggers, Nikita Phulwani and Sadaf Khan, recently undertook a unique fashion venture to squash the traditonal notion that size matters.

The duo, both 25, who have known each other since high school, visited well-known fashion stores in the city, picked up a diverse mix of clothes and accessories but in two sets of sizes. After styling them in their own unique way, the two hit the streets and Voila, they looked confident and flawless as they posed for photoshoots at landmark locations such as Boxpark, Dubai Water Canal Boardwalk and Citywalk.

You might ask what’s the big deal here? Well, Nikita is size 18, Sadaf 8, and by wearing the very same outfit, albeit differing sizes, they aim to show that plus size women mustn’t drop that dress because they saw a skinny girl try it.

“During the shoot, I thought I have got to be a fool to do this with a skinny girl and then I thought to myself, isn’t this the whole point,” says Nikita. According to the girls, they have always wanted to send out a strong message to those ‘conscious’ women out there and this was their effort. The two posted the pictures on their individual blogs which have since been drawing a lot of positive feedback. Nikita says she has been ridiculed for being ‘fat’ since her childhood but has learnt to take the harsh judgements in her stride.

“I always get comments like ‘hit the gym’, ‘have you seen your size?’ etc, but now I also have big girls coming up to me and saying, ‘If it looks good on you, then it will look good on me too’,” she says. But what if her venture ends up adversely affecting people unwittingly and stopping them from trying to lose weight?

“Sometimes I think that happens with me, but in the process of losing weight no one should stop experimenting and trying all the fashion out there. I am certain there will be a lot more options for me if I were to drop my size, but my present size shouldn’t hinder me from expressing myself,” says Nikita.

On the other hand, Sadaf doesn’t believe her petite structure is a huge plus point. “There are so many things that don’t look good on me,” she says. She doesn’t believe in showing a lot of skin and usually dresses casual and elegant.

She has no qualms if she were to gain weight. “I am sure there is something that will look great on me at size 16 or 18,” she adds. Their advice to all women, small or big, is to try everything they like and create their own style.