Even as you look forward to the exciting birth of your child, you must plan for maternity care, followed by registration and issue of passport for your child.

One of the first choices that you need to make is whether your child should be born in a private or government hospital. Both are equally reputed, though private hospitals are more expensive.

Which government hospital?

For government hospitals, you need to have a valid health card and the choice of hospital really depends on which one is closest to your residence. The two specially equipped maternity hospitals are Latifa Hospital (Bur Dubai, Satwa, Jumeirah, New Dubai, Safa, Rashidiya etc) and Dubai Hospital (for Deira and adjoining areas).

You should call the hospital to book the first appointment and carry the following documents:

Documents required

Valid Health Card (for expectant mother)
Marriage Certificate (original and copy)
Passport copy (both husband and wife)


Before birth: Either per visit payments or pre-natal package payments, depending on what you sign up for. Packages for 12 visits and all routine tests cost about Dh2,500. Most government hospitals have a brochure that you can pick up, which gives a break-up of both options.

Birth: Delivery costs range from Dh7,00 for a normal delivery to double that for a caesarian. You would need to pay extra for private rooms, extra nights in hospital, medical complications, circumcision or for delivery of twins.


Please note that abortions are illegal and to give birth in Dubai, both parents must be legally married to each other. Also note that within 120 days of the birth of the baby, you need to register your child, get all attestations done, and apply for a passport and a residence visa. Failure to do this will result in a fine of Dh100 per day.

Source: The official portal of Dubai Government