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With temperatures dropping in the UAE, we can finally start hanging out outside again. And what better way to enjoy the weather than a day out at the beach. IKEA has everything you need to have hours of beach fun this winter season.

1. SOLBLEKT foldable sunbed, Dh545

SOLBLEKT sunbed pad, Dh195

Expecting to spend the whole day catching some rays? Get comfy with the SOLBLEKT foldable sunbed and sunbed pad.

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2. Avoid the mess with your own beach mat and towel.

SOLBLEKT Beach mat, Dh25

SOLBLEKT Beach towel, Dh69

No more sticky sand on your body. The SOLBLEKT mattress is so thin and lightweight you can always keep it with you when sunbathing. Take a dip in the sea then dry off with the soft SOLBLEKT beach towel.

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3. Stay active with a game of bat and ball

SOLBLEKT Racket and ball set, Dh75

With the weather dropping to the low 20s, it’s the perfect time to get active while enjoying the beach. Challenge your friends and family with SOLBLEKT rackets in retro colours and poetic patterns.

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4. Too hot? Keep cool while looking cool

SOLBLEKT Parasol, Dh175

If the temperatures start to rise, be sure to stay cool. With a SOLBLEKT parasol in vintage, tropical patterns, you’ll certainly draw some attention.

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