Abdul Mateen Dhamma, Chairman & Founder

A household name within the fragrance fraternity, Abdul Mateen Dhamma Perfumes, also known as Dhamma Perfumes, needs no introduction.

We are veterans and have been developing and distributing signature fragrances since our inception in 1964. Being a family controlled enterprise, we combine expertise gained over half a century with strong work ethics and integrity. This ensures a loyal clientele spread globally and a following which knows no bounds.

With a fully equipped manufacturing facility we handle everything in-house, from procurement to bottle and product designing, packaging etc. With this work strategy we are able to maximise our creativity and R&D.

Thereby we are able to flirt with both fragrances and designs to always surprise our loyal clients with something unique and out of the ordinary.

Currently it’s the third generation of directors who have joined us, bringing fresh ideas and gracing our competence with fresh blood.

Also, we have evolved and adopted our work methods and strategies to cater to an ever evolving niche fragrance market.