Sunit Sheth, Director of Marketing at Scion International

Scion International is an international fragrance, beauty and colour cosmetics company that has been in the industry since 1974. They are a 3rd generation, family-owned business with a clear goal, to deliver the evocative pleasures of fragrance and beauty products to people’s lives. They have a wide range of fragrance, personal care, natural beauty and colour cosmetics brands. Some of their notable and globally sold brands include JPD, Creation Lamis, Dorall Collection, Vegan Moi, CP Trendies, Bio Glow and Paris Collection.

They handle the full end-to-end design, development, manufacturing, sales, and marketing of their brands, which are sold in over 75 countries. In the UAE they recently tied up with distribution powerhouse Baqer Mohebi, to help further grow their brand presence across the region, where they are present in all the major supermarkets, Amazon, and Noon.

Scion International has world-class manufacturing facilities in both the UAE and India, with a high level of vertical integration. They have PETA 100 per cent Cruelty Free & Vegan, BSCI, GMP and ISO certifications, putting them in the very top tier of global manufacturing accreditations. One of their biggest strengths is the depth of their product category capabilities with full scale R&D teams for fragrance and personal care and one of the most advanced instrumentation labs in the region.

Their ownership ethos has always been one of deep ethical standards and since joining them from Unilever in 2016, Sunit Sheth, Director of Marketing at Scion International has helped lead a strategy to make their supply chain and products more sustainable, evidenced in the fact that now many of their products are 100 per cent Vegan and Cruelty Free.

They have also developed a brand of natural and fully recyclable beauty products, called Vegan Moi, launching in the coming year.

Sheth says, “The consumer of today and the consumer of tomorrow want products they believe will help the world, not damage it. However, they also want products that are effective, smell great and feel great. As a business, we made a clear strategic decision about 6 years ago to begin a push towards tying together our deep product expertise in the fragrance and beauty industry, to our almost 50 years of experience in global sourcing and manufacturing, to now really put ourselves in a position where we can launch products that do great for you, but hurt the world a little less.” For more information visit