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Now, don’t let hair fall or thin and weak hair affect your confidence every time while combing and washing your hair. With modern lifestyles come modern hair problems. We are in a race against time and hardly pause to experience life as is. With little time to care and having inadequate haircare regime, stress-related issues like hair fall are on the rise. Hair issues like brittle hair and split ends are becoming common these days.

Dabur Amla with time-tested research has come up with a rejuvenating one-stop solution for promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss. Dabur Amla Hair Repair Solutions [hair growth oil and hair fall control oil], equipped with a potent blend of pure oils and having more than 20 + herbal hair care ingredients, is an elixir for strong, healthy hair.

These oils are clinically tested and proven to improve hair growth rate by 3 times the normal hair growth rate and improve hair root strength by 50 per cent thereby repairing damaged hair strands and enhancing significant hair health.

Dabur Amla Therapeutic oils are loaded with a host of essential nutrients like Amla (a Vitamin C powerhouse that nourishes and strengthens hair from root to tip), aloe vera (natural moisturiser that conditions hair), sweet almond (helps in natural hair growth), sesame oil (helps strengthen hair shaft) along with Brahmi, licorice root, shikakai extracts etc. These ingredients have been around for generations and are now being married with modern science through Dabur Amla therapeutic oils, offering powerful solutions for enhancing overall hair health.

Religiously following a simple hair care routine with Dabur Amla Hair repair solutions can get back your lost hair /crowning glory. Massaging the scalp gently with Dabur Amla Hair repair oils is simply therapeutic because the oil penetrates deeper to make a difference right from the roots. The hair follicles receive optimum nutrition for growth and the hair strands are nourished with care. It is recommended to apply twice a week before shampooing.

Dabur Amla Hair Repair Oils are available in leading chains like Carrefour and Lulu, and also available on Amazon and Noon.

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