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Dr Imneet Madan, a laser specialist paediatric dentist in Dubai Image Credit: Supplied


Dr Imneet Madan shares how complementary techniques help her deliver oral healthcare par excellence

World Oral Health Day 2022 encompasses the idea of maintaining a healthy mouth as it is the gateway to the body and resonates closely with our emotional, social, mental and physical states. FDI World Dental Federation, on this occasion, has advanced the message of being proud of our mouths for our happiness and well-being.

“Oral healthcare begins at birth and we must diligently pursue initiatives to make our little ones proud of their mouths,” says Dr Imneet Madan, a laser specialist paediatric dentist in Dubai. “As per the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the first dental visit for the child should be within six months of the eruption of the first tooth or by age one. This appointment focuses on oral hygiene habits, prevention of milk caries, dietary guidance, teething complications, details of brushing and any particular concern that parents may have. Education and motivation in each appointment is pivotal.”

As we understand the importance of a healthy mouth, it’s only natural to comprehend the co-existential relevance of dental appointments. “Being recognised as the pioneer of lasers and neurolinguistic programming in paediatric dentistry, I strive to create unique dental experience for each child and family in my office,” she explains.

“Establishing rapport with children, gaining trust of the parents and providing oral healthcare par excellence are the key features of the specialty. Being in the field for more than two decades, these key foundations are the forces behind my drive.”

Both children and parents are likely to be apprehensive when it comes to dental visits. Anxiety of the unknown, wary of the needle and drill after listening to anecdotes, fear of tooth being pulled out or a past negative experience are the most common underlying factors that may cloud the thinking process of the child and the parents when they first come in.

The gentle approach of hypnotherapy along with neurolinguistic programming tools is of great help to understand and address this fear. Complementing treatments with routine use of lasers removes the use of needle and numbing and to a huge extent replaces the drill.

“Together with others, a paediatric dentist shares the onus of empowering children and creating a better tomorrow. As the Japanese philosophy of ichigo ichie fosters, the unrepeatable nature of the moment, so, in this moment we give our best. It’s pivotal in my practice that children are heard, their concerns are addressed, and they are empowered.

“Paediatric dentistry is a service to our little ones, who are tomorrow’s youth and future. Let’s continue this service with significance.”

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