Image Credit: CRANK

CRANK, a home-grown boutique fitness business, is all about workouts that are unique, challenging and fun for you to enjoy. With three types of classes to choose from, every fitness enthusiast can join our warm and friendly community and get motivated to adopt an active and energetic workout regime.

Ride, Shape and Stretch sessions are designed to allow you to free your mind, challenge yourself to push to your limits and redefine yourself.

Ride: Experience a unique indoor cycling action-packed activity where you can pedal through heavy climbs and saddle up for powerful sprints. Enjoy a full-body workout set against beat-pumping tracks and a state-of-the-art light and sound system.

Shape: Challenge yourself with this all-encompassing workout that is a combination of high-intensity interval training, strength and functional movement skills. It is designed to burn and shape selected muscle groups and boost your overall strength.

Stretch: A class that combines dynamic and static stretching exercises to match all levels of flexibility. This workout is designed to aid muscle recovery, reduce the risk of injury and enhance performance.

CRANK welcomes you to join and be a part of the community. Its instructors are passionate and energetic and will inspire you to push yourself to your limits and beyond. At CRANK, you will experience a nightclub type atmosphere with immersive audiovisual settings and the state-of-the-art technology. CRANK offers full shower facilities, changing rooms, a hangout area and an outdoor terrace, where you can relish a smoothie, coffee or snack at the juice bar.

CRANK’s flagship Dubai studio is located at Al Serkal Avenue. This summer, CRANK will open its second UAE studio at Sheikha Fatima Park in Abu Dhabi. Classes run from 7am until late evenings on weekdays, 8am until 2.30pm on Fridays, and 8am until 7.30pm on Saturdays.