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While moving to a new country is never a simple process, many people would love to embark on a new journey and accept the challenge of what a different culture has to offer.

We listed the top 10 countries UAE expatriates move to, when they leave the country. Here they are:


Consumer prices, including rent, in India are 283.36 per cent lower than in the UAE.

Starting a new life in this country is colourful and exciting. India offers a lot of challenges and possibilities for innovation. The boost in career is another factor to consider, as there is no dearth in multinational companies coming to the country offering career opportunities within India’s metropolises.

United Kingdom

Consumer prices, including rent, in United Kingdom are 22.20 per cent lower than in the UAE.

The United Kingdom is a great country and a cultural melting pot where you can meet hundreds of different nationalities in the bigger cities, or enjoy a lovely rural English life in the smaller outskirts.

The major drivers of international migration to the United Kingdom are the economic and labour market, together with college and career opportunities.

United States

Consumer prices, including rent, in United States are 13.71 per cent lower than in the UAE.

This is another multicultural country. The housing is affordable and taxes are lower than in most countries in the first world. The US provides great opportunities for a good career. On an average, American dwelling spaces have over twice as much living space per housing unit per person compared to those in the EU.


Consumer prices, including rent, in Canada are 22.06 per cent lower than in the UAE.

Not only does Canada have a very charming and decisive Prime Minister, but it has a very stable economy which offers lower cost of living, an experience of cultural immersion, low crime rates, amazing cuisine, excellent education and state-of-the-art healthcare. Canada is one of the most immigrant-friendly societies in the world. Most migrants say that they go to Canada to be free from any discrimination based on religion, race or nationality.


Consumer prices, including rent, in Australia are 1.90 per cent lower than in the UAE.

Australia has one of the most amazing outdoor lifestyles in the world. Interested individuals between the ages of 18 and 30 can qualify for a working holiday visa. This type of visa allows you to live and work in Australia for a full year. If you are willing to stay longer, it is best to find a business sponsorship, then apply for a permanent residency, and eventually citizenship.

Source: Australian Government’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Saudi Arabia

Consumer prices, including rent, in Saudi Arabia are 51.72 per cent lower than in the UAE.

The country offers enticing benefits to expatriates such as luxurious housing, high salaries, paid tickets every year, 21 days of paid vacation, paid education for kids and free medical services. Despite cultural differences and the language barrier, over 10 million expatriates from all over the world stay in Saudi Arabia.


Consumer prices, including rent, in Pakistan are 75.59 per cent lower than in the UAE.

Food and groceries are extremely affordable and fresh. Artisans in this country are highly skilled and talented. The air is fresh and the surroundings are so green. You can bike around the diplomatic enclave or take a hike on the Margalla hills to stay fit. Another plus point is life in general, living in Islamabad, for example is very peaceful.


Consumer prices, including rent, in Lebanon are 30.83 per cent lower than in the UAE.

This tiny yet beautiful country is filled with stunning views and locations, right on the Mediterranean, from the beaches of Batroun to the historic parts of Byblos. Mezze and grilled meats are a staple, however, French bistros and other food chains are also common. Above all, the Lebanese are hospitable, friendly, outgoing and a pleasure to be around.


Consumer prices, including rent, in France are 16.95 per cent lower than in the UAE.

The weather is great, the food is divine, and the views are romantic. But, besides the many tourist attractions, France also offers fantastic healthcare services, advanced transportation services, excellent education and investment-savvy opportunities for business.


Consumer prices, including rent, in Germany are 22.48 per cent lower than in the UAE.

Many expats love Germany for its rich cultural and historical background, its stable economy, high quality of life, progressive environment, excellent education system, the relatively low cost of living, and excellent healthcare. The best part is Germany’s central location. It's only a two-hour flight away from other countries in Europe. Not bad for long weekends!

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