I would like to write to Gulf News to see if the newspaper could help me.

Etihad Airways offers Moonlight Check-In to its guests — it’s the option of checking in early and as a reward, you get five kilos extra allowance and 2,500 miles per person. This offer was valid until July 31, 2015.

My wife and I were travelling on July 31 at 2.05am from Abu Dhabi International Airport. We had checked in at 1pm on July 30. The Etihad staff at the airport check-in counter told me that they do not give passengers the coupon to redeem the miles and I would need to claim them later. I did claim the miles, and since then, I only receive an answer if I contact them directly. I sent them many emails and I never received a clear answer. It is easy, as they just need to credit 2,500 miles to my account and 2,500 miles to my wife’s account.

I would be very grateful if Gulf News could help me in this matter.

From Mr Javier Goicoechea, Abu Dhabi

The management of Etihad Airways responds:

We are pleased to say that the miles have been credited to Mr Goicoechea’s account and his wife’s account.

Mr Goicoechea responds:

Thanks so much for the intervention.

(Process initiation: September 15. Response from organisation: October 1. Reader confirmation: October 2.)

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