Waiting for letter

I have been an account holder with Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) for the past five years. Since last month, I have been regularly contacting their customer service centre and other branches to cancel my credit card, as my motive is to get a No Objection Certificate (NOC) letter. On August 20, I went to a branch and tried to request for the NOC, but I had one credit card so they told me to cancel the card and then I could request for the NOC.

Previously, in April 2015, I had requested for cancellation through telephone and the next day, I got a call from the credit card department, telling me that there was no need to cancel this card since they wouldn’t charge it unless I used it.

So, I agreed with them and left it at that. Now, when I went to cancel it, my previous request was still in the system and the branch was not able to cancel it, because one request was already pending.

I called customer care on August 22 and made a complaint. They said they would remove the old request from the system so that I could apply for a new request and said it would take two days for that. After two days, I called them again and they said they would send an email to cancel it, so again, there were two days of waiting. Again, I called after two days and they said it was cancelled and that I could apply again through the branch, but when I went to the branch, the old request was still in the system.

I am not asking DIB to cancel a request from a third party branch or any other bank — it’s their own system, their card and their employees. Still, they are not able to cancel it or maybe, they just don’t want to!

After frequent branch visits and calling customer care, I received a call from a customer service supervisor and she assisted me in cancelling the request. I made a new request on September 7. They said that I would receive a call in two days, but until now, I have had no response from the bank. I am facing many difficulties because of the very poor quality of customer service. I wanted that NOC by September 10, but their customer service has made it impossible.

I want to know when my credit card will be cancelled and when I am going to get that letter.

From Mr Noufal Chalil



The management of DIB responds:

Dubai Islamic Bank would like to confirm that our Service Quality team has been closely looking into this complaint. After careful consideration, it appears that the delay in processing the customer’s card cancellation request is due to operational reasons.

We would like to confirm that the customer has received his NOC on October 10, 2015. As such, we consider the case to be closed now, as his request was processed successfully. DIB’s customer service team is available to address any concerns and make sure customers’ needs are met in a timely manner.


Mr Chalil responds:

The case is closed and I got the NOC, but it took around two months. Thank you once again, Gulf News, for helping me in this matter. Gulf News was my last option in this issue and it helped me a great deal.


(Process initiation: October 29. Response from organisation: November 1. Reader confirmation: November 11.)


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