Unnecessary fees

I would like to highlight two issues I’m facing with Dubai First’s credit card department. Despite regular payments to the credit card, the late payment fee was levied upon me in the June, 2016, statement.

I told them I would not pay any further dues till they reimbursed the late payment fee as I was a fair customer to them thus far.

Since I started using the card, I have felt I have been trapped by various policies and insurances. Without my acknowledgment, they enrolled me in a scheme, took the amount from my credit card and told me to pay for it.

I wanted a reversal of payment for this scheme and the amount pertaining to the policy and all deductions in the name of this policy.

I called the Dubai First credit card department several times and told them to consider this, but they wouldn’t take my complaint.

I didn’t want to become a defaulter due to such petty issues.

I even called the UAE Central Bank about this activity by the bank. But, I received no response at all.

However, considering my helpless situation, I could pay the bank for all my spending or dues in five equated monthly installments (EMI) with no extra interest if they provided me an opportunity, in writing.

I don’t want to continue with this bank’s credit card anymore and hope to close the issue as soon as possible.

I request Gulf News to kindly look into my situation and help me with this complaint.

From Mr Manjunath Vijay


The management of Dubai First responds:

At Dubai First, we are committed to providing the best of service to our card members and we have contacted Mr Vijay to address his grievances.

The customer’s credit card account displays irregular payment history. However, we have agreed to reverse the late payment charges as an exception and will also be reissuing his credit card as he had lost his plastic card.

With regards to the insurance premiums, we have taken the customer through the charges and Mr Vijay has agreed to the same.

The matter has been resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. We thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Mr Vijay responds:

Thank you Gulf News for the initiation. Dubai First called me and told me that they can reverse the one month late payment fee of Dh249 post activation of the newly dispatched credit card.

I’m okay with their decision and thank Gulf News again for taking up this issue with them on my behalf.

(Process initiation: October 17. Response from organisation: October 19. Reader confirmation: October 23.)

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