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I am facing issues regarding a fraud case with Emirates Islamic Bank (EIB). I was charged five fraudulent transactions without a secure One-Time Password (OTP) and notified through SMS. It amounted to Dh8,272.82 on my Emirates Islamic Bank e-shopper card on December 13, 2017.

I informed the bank as I discovered the debit messages on the same morning, and requested to block both cards (including primary). I raised an official complaint with the call centre and physically at the branch. It appears three transactions were not billed and therefore didn’t appear in the statement. Two transactions were processed despite my claim. These appeared in my statement after more than 100 days. I am told it is bank policy to have pending investigations that can last six months or 180 working days. I don’t understand why the bank is holding me hostage/guilty until their investigations are over? I did not even receive any OTP in the first place (I have records of that day), so why should I pay finance charges? This is an unfair bank relationship policy. A six-month investigation for a fairly clear-cut case? I am concerned how the bank (as custodian of my personal and financial data), was unable to protect me against blatant online breach. I wonder if fraudsters also got away with other personal/financial information. I seek a full refund and official letter from the bank as to how this has happened.

I hope Gulf News is able to pursue EIB for further action/comment.

From Mr Mohammad Reza Dehquanpur


The management of Emirates Islamic responds:

Thank you for bringing Mr Dehquanpur’s concerns to our attention.

Our customer service team has been in touch with the customer and as an exception, we will provide the customer temporary credit till the matter is resolved with the merchants. We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that customer experience remains our key commitment at Emirates Islamic.

Mr Dehquanpur responds:

I would like to thank Gulf News for your efforts raising my case with Emirates Islamic management. Much appreciated.

(Process initiation: May 7. Response from organisation: May 15. Process completion: May 21.)

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