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Largely, social media users were sceptical of unlimited vacation policies. Many believed that such policies can be problematic for employees.

Here's what some tweeps had to say:

@jayacunzo: We’ll look back at this period in productivity and realise chat tools and open floor plans prevent more good work than they cause, and unlimited vacation is an accounting trick to help the business, which actually hurts employees, who take fewer days off.

@kindofstrange: “Unlimited vacation time!” seems like a nice company benefit until you realiSe that in the US this means they aren’t obligated to pay out any remaining vacation days, should they let you go. There’s a reason this setup is so popular with startups.

@annathropoIogy: All jobs should offer unlimited vacation.

@bobbakh: Unlimited vacation is a gimmick. The company doesn’t have to carry the liability of owed vacation days on their books. It keeps the liability off the books. But still a nice perk. Not sure how the quitting or laid off pay out works though. UBI (Universal basic income) is a fantastic solution.

@ccuttsgames: [...] I get the sense at a lot of companies that lack a fixed number means you will be guilt-tripped into taking much less holiday than you would otherwise.