Hamad Al Awadhi met Khalifa Bin Hendi, the founder of 1971, in London during the summer of 2013. Though he was not an active member of the 1971 due to the distance, he was providing the team with his ideas, comments and feedback regarding different initiatives.

After completing his masters in London, Al Awadhi finally joined the team in September, 2014.

“The volunteering I do is what I’d like to receive. It builds my personality and studying in London I learnt that volunteering is crucial for my CV. When I met Khalifa I was happy how well they had managed their work. Working with the team is not only about volunteering but adding to my knowledge and sharing ideas,” he said.

Lauren Doble, a Dubai-based UK national, has been working with the team since the month of Ramadan of 2013.

“I was looking for volunteering opportunities online and 1971 was the only organisation with an English description. I messaged them on Instagram and they replied immediately accepting my offer to volunteer,” she said.

Doble’s first campaign with the organisation was giving packed meals on streets and roads during the Maghrib prayer time, which reduced the possibility of accidents caused by people speeding up to reach their destinations before sunset. “The sense of community coming together like one big family is the most memorable thing for me,” she said.

— The author is an intern with the Readers Desk at Gulf News.