Wrong billing

I am writing to Gulf News after endless efforts to resolve my case through etisalat’s customer care centres and the reason is because Dh5,838.34 has been levied on me without me getting the package I requested for. It started with one of etisalat’s promotions of a package with a cell phone, to convert from du to etisalat. So, I went to an etisalat counter at the mall and filled in a form with my signatures, and handed over all documents as required at that time. They handed over a blank Sim card and informed me that I would get a message regarding my conversion from du to etisalat. I was supposed to put the blank Sim card for activation after this message.

After not receiving any message or further information, I tried to put the blank Sim card in, to check if it had been activated, but it didn’t work. I was informed by the same person who processed my application that my case had been rejected, as my company is not on the approved company list.

After a year, a recovery company started calling me for the package charges. I am shocked as to how this has happened, without getting any phone call or activation message. I have reported it many times to etisalat, but all in vein.

I request Gulf News to investigate this case, as I have not used this number and I have not even received any mobile phone.

From Mr Saleem Imam


The management of etisalat responds:

Kindly note that the customer issue was resolved and the customer was updated.

Mr Imam responds:

Thank you, Gulf News, very much for the quick action. I wish to inform that I received a call from etisalat, telling me that my issue has been resolved and that the outstanding amount due has been cleared by etisalat. So now, there is no outstanding balance against my name. Please accept my thanks for taking up my issue. This was really a New Year’s gift.

(Process initiation: December 9, 2015. Response from organisations: December 14, 2015. Process completion: December 21, 2015.)

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