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  • Users debate if women dress for themselves or for society.

Largely, social media users believe that women should clothes in which they feel happiest and confident. Many women shared how they are already doing so.


Me: “There’s no way for me, with this body type, to dress well. I’ll always look bad”
Also me: Constantly seeing beautiful plus size women dressing exactly with the way I aspire to and just killing it
Still me: “Well I guess I’ll just never find happiness am I right.”

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Embrace your shape, but always dress according to your body type. Know what styles look good on you.

Never let any man make you feel like you do things for attention. Women dress up for themselves. Take and post photos for ourselves... Wear makeup for themselves. Everything we do is simply because we enjoy it and it makes us feel good.

We women actually don’t dress to impress, but we dress for ourselves. You’ll be happier and livelier when you look good.

Buy clothes you like. Buy things with good material. Wear your clothes with confidence even if someone else decides you shouldn’t (aka [also known as], because fashion changed).