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  • Should you go on a digital detox? Social media users discuss being 'always online' versus being off the grid.

Netizens highlighted how dependent people are on social media. Some emphasised the importance of shutting off from the internet from time to time.


Who needs drugs when you can trip out by living life for 5 days without twitter and realizing that it’s affecting you way more than it should and you’re completely addicted to social media.


Life without social media is dull! #instadown


Taking a much needed social media detox, my friends be back soon! #Unplug #SelfCare


To be honest I don’t know what I’d do without my phone, but I do really wish I was born in a generation where social media didn’t exist, like even if we don’t realise it, it probably has affected everyone in a negative way.


Social media is annoying, sometimes I really just delete everything I have and live without it.



My attempt at social media detox:

1) Set a screen time limit of 2 hours/day, hoping to reduce it to an hour/day

2) Turn off all notifications

3) Off the screen an hour before sleeping and after waking up

Planning to try this for a month and see how my life changes.