Volunteers participate in a clean-up drive at Jumeirah Open Beach in Dubai. Image Credit: Noel Malicdem

We all talk about people’s nonchalant attitude towards littering, but are we doing anything about it? Filipino cycling enthusiasts decided to make a difference by taking part in an event titled ‘An hour with the cleaners’ in collaboration with the Dubai Waste Management Division to promote a clean environment.

The activity was held at the Jumeirah Open Beach, in Dubai, which is frequently packed by tourists. It all started with a cycle ride with the group along Jumeirah Beach Road, all the way through to the beach. Upon reaching the site, the volunteers were briefed by the representatives from Dubai Municipality about the importance of cleanliness in public places, such as the beach.

Frankie Boton, a senior engineer based in Dubai, heads the UAE Mountain Biking Jumeirah group and lead this event with more than 50 riders.

He said: “Aside from cycling, the group promotes volunteerism among its members by participating in public events that promote environmental awareness. This is our own way of giving back to this country that we call our second home.”

He also noted that there will be continued participation of this kind in the near future. “This is our commitment to promote a healthy lifestyle,” he added.

The atmosphere was filled with unity and motivation while we were being handed biodegradable trash bags and gloves. We then started picking up the trash along the stretch of the beach. The event also witnessed the participation of some beach goers and tourists, who voluntarily joined the massive clean-up. The event resulted in the collection of more than 30 trash bags filled with cigarette butts and other litter.

Henzon Isidro, a mountain bike rider and working as a safety officer in Dubai, participated in the event with his wife and daughter.

He said: “I want to set an example for my daughter while she is young by showing her the importance of a clean environment, which in turn would benefit the future generations. Such activities also nurture the child’s relationship with his or her parents.”

We encourage more people to show care, love and preserve Nature and promote sustainable living.

— The reader is a cycling enthusiast based in Dubai.

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