Return my cash back points

I would like to bring to your attention the Samba Bank attitude towards customers and their hidden agendas. I had accumulated more than 3000 cash points on Samba Card of which 1200 plus just vanished with an excuse that they have a right to remove the awarded points if it crosses two years. Why they have waited for two years to remove all points in one go? Why I was not intimated as a customer by SMS or a line on the statement in advance? The statement shows points earned, points redeemed and a closing balance; no mention of expired points to alert a customer. Calling the helpline and sending a fax bears no fruits.

From Mr Shahrukh Dastur



The management of Samba Financial Group – UAE, responds:

This is with reference to the letter received at your office from Mr Dastur who is a Samba Financial Group (“Samba”) credit card holder since 2010. We have investigated the matter in detail and would like to highlight a few facts. At Samba, it is our endeavor to be transparent and clear in all our communications to our customers and prospective customers.


Hence, we ensure that communications are sent to customers through appropriate and agreed channels and also ensure that the same is available for the customer to view at his/her convenience. To this effect, the Cash Back Programme is communicated in detail in the following ways:

a. The Programme details are available in the brochure which is sent to customers along with their Credit Card.

b. The same is also explained on our website


The explanation covers the following details regarding the Cash Back Programme:

a. Programme features which include the criteria, programme workings, redemption process and information on the expiry of points.

b. Frequently asked questions.

c. Terms and Conditions of the Programme.

Mr Dastur has been in touch with the Bank regarding the same and the Bank was in the process of resolving the customer’s concerns. On receipt of this letter from Gulf News, Mr Dastur has been called again and apprised of the resolution. At Samba, it is our constant endeavor to consistently deliver quality service to our customers.


Mr Dastur responds:

I have received a positive response from Samba Bank and they have agreed to credit back the points that were deducted. I would sincerely thank Gulf News for their assistance without which this would have not been possible.


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