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Plastic water bottles pollution in ocean (Environment concept) Image Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

What you need to know:

  • Save our oceans, stop climate change

June 8 was observed as World Oceans Day, and it is a reminder that we need to protect our water bodies. This year, the theme was ‘Gender and the ocean’. We need to be committed to protecting our oceans for future generations. Oceans are our lifeline as they help us sustain life and regulate climate change.

Due to our extensive intervention, most of the water bodies are on Earth are now polluted with industrial waste and plastic. These pollutants endanger marine life, which then has a severe impact on the rest of the world, in terms of food supply and more.

One of the basic reasons for climate change is the pollution of our oceans. Oil pollution by ships and tankers is another major factor that contributes to the waste and hazardous materials in the ocean. We need to control the waste that is being dumped into the different water bodies of the world.

Let us restrict our use of plastic. We need to educate people so that they do not throw plastic waste into the sea. This planet does not only belong to the present generation, but also belongs to the future generations. We need to be committed to protect and safeguard the land, water and air we need to live.

I stay near the beach in my hometown in Kerala, India, and I’ve always loved to see the sunset. Years have gone by, and I have noticed how much the sea is being polluted. There is a decline in fish, crabs and other marine life, commonly seen near beaches. The vast stretch of the sandy beach is slowly disappearing. The colour of the sea itself has changed due to the pollution from nearby factories. Let’s protect the vast oceans that we have. Together we can protect and restore our ocean.

- The reader is a logistics manager based in Dubai.