Telecom issue

I would like to draw your attention to an incident relating to my mobile connection with etisalat. Recently, I switched phones and bought the Samsung Galaxy Grand and inserted my postpaid GSM in it. As I was exploring it, I got a text message on my mobile that I have used the 3G service from etisalat and my use has exceeded Dh1,000, and they have stopped the service in order to limit my bills.

I was shocked as I was just using a normal service without any 3G or data package from etisalat. When I dialled 101 service they informed me that in smartphones the data service is automatically activated. I am shocked! This is an un-solicited service and really an ugly way of making money by etisalat.

I had faced a similar issue with etisalat, when I used their hotspot service at Dubai Hospital. I used the service for about two hours on my iPad in an emergency. The rates were mentioned as Dh10 per hour. But, when I got the bills, I was charged Dh122.22 which is equal to about 12 hours. When I reported the complaint, etisalat did nothing and advised me to visit their Deira office. I could not visit as wasting my time for small sum did not make any sense. However, etisalat succeeded in their way of making money from us.

From Mr Praveen Mehta



The management of etisalat responds:

Kindly note that Mr Praveen Mehta’s issue with etisalat was solved and the customer has been updated accordingly.


Mr Mehta responds:

Yes, the issue is resolved. Thank you Gulf News for such a wonderful job.


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