Personal loan obligations

I have a personal loan with United Arab Bank (UAB) and I would like to enquire whether the bank can legally hold my settlement from my previous employer. This, despite the fact that I have already submitted all the documents they need from my new employer, such as my visa page, salary transfer letter and salary certificate. My salary has already been credited to my account.

They told me that they will not ever release my final settlement. They said my only option was to visit any branch and sign a document stating that I permit them to deduct my entire loan amount.

Kindly advise.

From Mr Chester Philip Marco

Abu Dhabi

The management of UAB responds:

We are committed to responding to all complaints fairly and efficiently. After Mr Marco ended his employment with his previous employer, he was unable to fulfil the obligations of his personal loan. He had signed an salary transfer undertaking with the Bank and hence his End of Service Benefits (EOSB) were withheld. UAB subsequently reached an agreement with Mr Marco and released the funds into his account. The situation has now been resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Mr Marco’s responds:

They have released the full amount. Thanks Gulf News, for the assistance.

(Process initiation: August 26. Response from organisation: August 31. Reader confirmation: September 3.)

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