To selfie or not
Illustrative image Image Credit: Pexels

Regarding privacy in public spaces, social media users asked important questions. Some questioned whether people have the right to ask for privacy in a public setting. Others raised concerns over their pictures being shared

Here's what some Twitter users said:

@kelly__le: My biggest fear is being in the background of someone’s selfie.

@ErinCarlntson: When someone’s taking a picture and you accidently walk through the background but they take the picture anyway.

@FunnyIn2016: With all the pictures ever taken throughout history, I must have accidently been photographed in the background of someone’s picture.

@CJMordock: [...] Even in public spaces there can be a reasonable expectation of privacy.

@_PuffMami: Genuine question. If you vlog your entire life are you then still allowed to ask the public to respect your privacy?

Here's what some Facebook users said:

Moises Mariscal: Once u are in the public place, dont ask for privacy.

Mahnaaz Sheikh: Unless you have lied to be somewhere, like called in sick at work and get photographed at a movie theater. Also you never know who is related to whom. The point is it’s a small world we live in and you never know where your picture is travelling.