No protection The reader has come across many motorbike passengers who do not wear helmets. Image Credit: Stanley Robert/Gulf News reader


I came across this sight a few days ago at a traffic signal in Sharjah, where the motorcycle rider had a proper helmet, but the pillion rider, or passenger, had a mere construction hard hat on.

In the event of an accident, the hard hat that the passenger is wearing will be the first to fall off, leaving the rider susceptible to fatal head injuries.

Construction hard hats are used to protect the head from objects mistakenly dropped from a height and offer no protection from a fall from a bike. However, it is a common occurrence on the roads here, where motorcycle passengers resort to this kind of practice, either out of ignorance or to show that some precaution has been taken.

It is safe practice for a passenger to wear proper protective equipment. This includes a helmet, as a minimum, which is always secured properly using the chin strap and the adjustment checked before every trip. Even with a good fit, a helmet that has not been properly strapped on is likely to come off in a crash.

I request the authorities to raise awareness regarding this issue and I hope that motorcycle passengers wear a proper helmet when on the road.


— The reader is a quality, health, safety and environment manager in a Dubai-based company.


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