I am writing to Gulf News as my last hope. This is regarding my Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) credit card. I got this card in the first week of February and started using it from February 7. On every transaction made, I used to get an SMS (as usual and as per expectations). But by the first week of March, when I didn’t get any text messages or emails regarding my statement, I called the bank and asked for it.

They told me that my first statement had been generated on February 9 and had been successfully sent to my email address on February 12. I cross-verified the email address to which they said they sent the email and found it was incorrect in their records. As I never got my first statement, I was fined Dh175. I logged a complaint on the same day. Their customer care representative reassured me that someone from their complaint department would call within three to four working days and resolve the issue. On the same day, I paid the due amount, based on the first statement.

I waited for five or six days but no calls came from the bank. I followed up again and came to know that the complaint was closed by their complaints department without any discussion with me. They said the statement had been sent successfully to the customer and as payment was not made before the due date, a late fine was applicable.

I asked the customer care representative to provide me with proof that they had sent a statement to me on February 12, which has not been provided till date.

The customer care personnel told me that he would write to the complaints department again, to look into the matter and call me within three to four days. But I received no calls.

On March 28, I called the customer care department again and lodged another complaint, mentioning my first one. I received neither a satisfactory reply nor a phone call from DIB’s complaint department. Their customer care representative once again assured me that someone would call me back, but unfortunately, I have got no calls yet.

Recently, in the first week of April, I called again to ask for the status and the customer care representative told me that he had talked to his supervisor and someone from the complaints department would call me on the same day. Again, there was no response.

In fact, I paid all the relevant dues as soon as I came to know about the outstanding amount, but I request DIB to reverse all late fees and associated charges immediately.

From Mr Pushkal Rakesh



The management of Dubai Islamic Bank responds:

Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) would like to confirm that our customer service team has been in touch with Mr Rakesh to address this issue.

We have found that the customer was not receiving his statements because the bank had the incorrect email address in its system. However, as customer service is a key priority at DIB, we have recognised that this is a unique situation and have agreed to waive the late payment fee of Dh175.

The team has informed Mr Rakesh about this, and since the issue has been successfully addressed, we now consider the case closed.


Mr Rakesh responds:

Yes, after rigorous and continuous follow ups, and with the help of Gulf News, this issue has been resolved in over three months.


(Process initiation: April 27. Response from organisation: May 3. Process completion: May 18.)


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