A deteriorating environment is often the consequence of people’s bad attitude, according to Gulf News reader Ahmad Shahid Chaudhry. He urged people to be more responsible when it comes to disposing waste. Image Credit: Ahmad Shahid Chaudhry/Gulf News Reader

When returning from Al Ain with my family after visiting Jebel Hafeet, I came across a rest area on the Al Ain — Dubai road.

I was very disappointed to see the consequences of people's bad attitude. Some had left food containers and other items after dinner on the rest area tables, despite the presence of garbage bins.

My niece was with me at that time. The first thing she noticed was the mess and she asked me why people left their trash on the tables.

In reality, people know exactly what to do.

But if adults behave in this careless manner, then the younger generation will also follow suit. It's just about maintaining a sense of responsibility and creating awareness, as people should think that all places outside their homes are worth keeping clean — just as they would if they were inside their homes.

Residents and visitors should make sure that their trash is properly disposed in designated areas.

The authorities should also put up sign boards with messages such as: "Keep the area clean."

This is necessary, especially in rest areas and picnic spots, as people visit these areas frequently.


— The reader resides and works in Dubai

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