I would like to lodge a complaint against Najm Cards – MAF Finance. One of their sales agents offered me a Najm Blue credit card. He explained the offers and promotions. The card hardly came with any benefits, yet he insisted. Due to the promotions, which included an introductory offer of a voucher worth Dh100 at Magic Planet and another 150 free Magic Planet credit, I signed up for the card. I also went on to verify the above promotions on their on website. I got the card on October 29, with the collateral that states the promotional voucher of Dh 100 (for Magic Planet) as an introductory benefit for taking up their credit card. However, there was no voucher with the card. So, I called the customer service centre to ask and they informed me that the promotion had been discontinued since September 30 from Magic Planet. I was really shocked as I had been offered the card on October 23 with that particular promotion and since their website and collateral stated the same, it was very misleading. My main reason for getting the card was that they had another promotion from Magic Planet, which included free 150 Magic Planet credit on a purchase of Dh 100 credit. Apparently, that is also not valid since September, so, why are they promoting it?

From Ms Uma Varyani


The management of Najm MAF Finance responds:

Kindly be advised that the customer has been contacted and the issue is resolved.

Ms Varyani responds:

Thank you very much as your intervention really helped. The matter is resolved and they are compensating me for the Magic Planet Voucher.


I would like to raise my issue with Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB). I have a mortgage loan with DIB and in September, I was charged twice for my Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI) payment. I contacted the collection officer at the Sharjah branch on September 4 and I was told that they would check and respond to me in a day. As I did not receive any response, I called back the next day, without any reply. I continued calling him but he did not answer my calls. I contacted their call centre on the same day, and was told that my complaint had been lodged and the excess money would be credited back to my account within a week. On September 12, I called back the call centre and I was told that someone from the Deira branch was looking after my case. When I tried calling the person in charge of my case, she did not answer my calls. She has just responded to one of my e-mails saying that my case was under process by the operations team. Now, even the call centre of DIB has stopped answering my calls and the issue is still unresolved.

From Mr Somesh Adukia


The management of Dubai Islamic Bank responds:

Dubai Islamic Bank would like to confirm that our customer service team has been in touch with Mr Somesh Adukia to address this issue. We are pleased to say that he has been refunded and the matter has been resolved to his satisfaction.

Mr Adukia responds:

I would like to acknowledge the efforts of Gulf News in resolving my issue with Dubai Islamic Bank. I confirm that I was contacted by the DIB team and that my issue is now resolved.

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